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Galatrona 2015 - historical vintage, the best ever

Dear Wine Lover,


I would like to inform you about the release of the new vintage, 2015, of Galatrona from Fattoria Petrolo. In our opinion, it is undoubtedly one of the greatest Italian wines ever produced, yet it is still extremely undervalued in price. Made from 100% Merlot, like the legends - Masseto, Messorio and Redigaffi - Galatrona is a steal! Available for 1/3 or even 1/10 of the price, Galatrona is an accessible wine – super pleasant at young age, but can also be aged for 10-20 years. We recently had the opportunity to taste the 1997 Galatrona and 2001 Galatrona, and we have to say that they were just mind-blowing! James Suckling has also recently scored the 1997 Galatrona with a straight 100 Points!


We have just received our allocation of the 2015 vintage. While it won’t be physically released on the market until Autumn of 2017, we would like to offer our clients an exclusive pre-arrival price. The 2015 vintage was an incredible year in Tuscany, a true collector’s vintage. Our purchasing team has tasted the vintage several times and most recently last week, Davide Vaccarini our Head Sommelier, just smiled and congratulated the wine maker on the wine - in his opinion, it is the greatest Galatrona of all time.


A 100% Merlot, Situated in the Colli Aretini, bordering on the Chianti hills, this historical area was delimited in 1716 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo III de' Medici to be one of Tuscany's top four wine producing zones. The Petrolo estate was even part of the old medieval fiefdom of 'Galatrona', the old tower ('Torrione') which still stands on the top of Roman foundations. Luca Sanjust runs the estate with vibrancy and intensity, which is echoed in the fruit of his wines, his work has brought some well-deserved attention.


In a tasting note, Robert Parker referred to Petrolo as "additional evidence that outside of Pomerol, the world's finest Merlot is produced in Tuscany".


In order to avoid disappointment, please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested.


75.0 cl Galatrona - Fattoria Petrolo 2015 CHF 75.00 (CHF 81.00 Vat incl.)

Half bottles available at CHF 36.00 (CHF 38.90 Vat incl.)                                                                                                               

Some Magnums available at CHF 160.00 (CHF 172.80 Vat incl.)

Only few Double Magnums available at CHF 350.00 (CHF 378.00 Vat incl.)

Only very few Imperials (600cl) available at CHF 730.00 (CHF 788.40 Vat incl.)

Only 3 Salmanazar (900cl.) at CHF 1’080.00 (CHF 1’166.40 Vat Incl.)

Only 3 rare Balthazar (1200cl.) at CHF 1'550.00 (CHF 1’674.00 Vat Incl.)

Only 2 rare Nebuchadnezzar at (1500cl.) at CHF 1'900.00 (CHF 2’052.00 Vat Incl.)

Only 3 very rare Melchior (1800cl.) left at CHF 2'350.00 (CHF 2’538.00 Vat Incl.)

One unfindable Primat (2700cl.) left at CHF 4'500.00 (CHF 4’860.00 Vat Incl.)

Davide Vaccarini 19,5 Points: This is such an impressive vintage for structure, fruit concentration and opulence. We are looking at a multidimensional wine, which shows precision in different layers of tannins, acidity and fruit character. We are witness to a great and elegant Merlot that always deliver quality, but in 2015 it’s the real deal, with a great potential of aging. Since I tasted the wine in the cellar, I managed to have a sneaky preview on 2016, stay tune because is looking much more than promising!

VAT Excl.
Values are for information. Wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE. Terms and Conditions Apply
Fattoria Petrolo
37.5 cl 2015     36.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
75 cl 2015     75.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
150 cl 2015     160.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
300 cl 2015     350.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
600 cl 2015     730.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
900 cl 2015     1'080.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
1200 cl 2015     1'550.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
1500 cl 2015     1'900.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
1800 cl 2015     2'350.00     
Fattoria Petrolo
2700 cl 2015     4'500.00     

This wine will be available in Autumn 2017.


Price per bottle in CHF – VAT included for deliveries within Switzerland, VAT excluded for export. Transport cost excluded. Offer subject to final confirmation and to be unsold E&OE.

The Arvi Team



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